10 Most Important 2010 World Cup Questions: Part 2

6. Where were the Japanese Supporters?

Why didn’t Doraemon, Ultraman, Samurai X, Ichigo Kurosaki, Kung Fu Boy, Dragon Ball, Kamen Raider, Pat Morita, Hello Kitty and all the rest of the Japanese superheroes come and support the Blue Samurais?

(The penalty shootout would’ve been so different… sigh.)

Well, apparently they did arrange to come to South Africa but canceled at the last minute because Godzilla insisted on joining and there was no airways willing to accommodate the big monster.

7. What does Waka-waka mean?

Everybody delights at the sight of Shakira dancing and smiling through the song; picking up the spirit as they hum it throughout the day, even updating their Facebook statuses repeatedly with the words. (Naturally prompting friends to hide their updates.)

But do you know that the whole official theme song is actually a hidden, indirect advertisement for Nike? (Note: insert sinister audio file here.) I kid you not. Waka waka means Do It. Coincidence? (Note #2: insert annoying, surprising drum sound here.)

8. Why Did the Three Lions Lose to Germany?

I don't have an editor for my blog so kindly overlook some mistaken illustration

We all know the controversy following Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal. I personally blamed one of the cameramen who must have shot a close up of a pretty fan, causing the linesman to fail observing that it was indeed a goal.

Nevertheless, everybody knows that to find accurate information these days one has only to refer to Twitter and it has been established by the Trending Topic on June 30 that the reason the England team lost was due to Mick Jagger being among the spectators.

9. Why are there flags on the corner of the fields?

Don’t they get in the way of corner kicks? Apparently, those flags are there due to FIFA’s consideration toward the US spectators. It is a long established fact that American people consider football to be boring and that they wish the players to score every minute, or better yet for the match to have more than one balls.

That is why FIFA has retained the service of Tiger Woods to make an occasional appearances at the corner of the field near the flags to revive the sleeping Americans.

10. What on Earth are We All Going to Do about Maradona’s Promise?

No beating around the bush, the guy’s going to run naked if the Argentinian team wins the tournament. I have long been an albiceleste fan but for the love of all that is holy, why oh why does it have to be Maradona?

The Argentinian team has always been one respected by other international teams although their performance from World Cup to World Cup has not been consistent. Nobody knows for sure if the team is going to be good every time the tournament starts.

This World Cup though the albiceleste is doing great so far and the day we might have to watch Maradona runs naked down the streets of Buenos Aires seems to come nearer. May God bless us all.

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