10 Most Important 2010 World Cup Questions

1. Who Invented the Vuvuzelas?
I know for a fact that 8,407,284,926,448,479,274,927 people in this world have fantasies of what they want to do with this particular person – a fantasy not one entertains say, during one’s puberty years.

So I spend the whole morning Googling doing an extensive research and here’s your culprit, guys.

2. What Does a Captain do?
Due to our weird education system, I know all things football – rules, technical details down to the size of the field. And why the field grass sometimes looks stripy. (You don’t know that? You should’ve gone to school in Indonesia.)

But nowhere during my doubtfully superior education process was anybody taught about the role of the captain. The goalkeeper naturally keeps the goal from being scored against, the defenders help stop the attacks and so on, the coach to plan strategy as well as anticipating opposing team’s strategy.. but what does a captain do?

So far the best answer I got was from my friend Shirley, “They are to shout instructions like Turn left, One, Two, Three..! March on, One, Two, Three.. and Halt! while running during practice.”

3. Who does Carlos Puyol’s hair?

Seriously, that hair has got to take about 3 hours to curl. Now if Puyol played for England I would just assume Beckham help him but as it is I am in the dark.

4. What’s the Deal with The Wave?
You may have noticed it. Sometime during a lull in a match, the camera would pan to the spectators area and you’d see people taking turns standing and then sitting again to create a kind of human wave.

No, it’s not Watch for Bugs drill. It’s not Test the Strength of Your Seat practice either. It all started with some clueless guy coming to a football match with a cup of steaming Starbucks. (Yeah, we all know who the guy is. Or rather where he’s from.)

And as Murphy’s Law says it, of course someone else ended up knocking the hot cuppa on someone else’s head who, of course, jumped up angrily, yelling, “HEY!” which of course prompted everybody else behind him to jump as well, yelling, “SIT DOWN, we can not watch!” and everybody next to them jumped up too, yelling, “QUIET! We want to watch!” and there you have it.

These days of course, there is no cup of hot coffee; it is so everybody gets to be on TV.

5. Why 10 Players plus One Goalkeeper?

It is easier to order jerseys in the tens, not to mention the better discount. You did notice that the goalkeeper never has the same color jersey, didn’t you? Goalkeepers use their chiropractic allowance to buy their own jerseys.

Spain Goalie, Iker Casillas

This doesn't illustrate the point, I just want to have Casillas' image here

Which leads us to the next questions.

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